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Cinco De Mayo tortillas

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About Us

From Puebla, Mexico to New England and beyond!

Cinco De Mayo Mexican Foods Inc was established in 1994 by Mexican immigrant couple Jose Luis Chino and his wife Paula Chino. With no good tortillas around they decided to create their own. From producing 5000 tortillas an hour to now producing over 70,000 tortillas an hour. Cinco De Mayo Tortilla inc is a American dream come true! We produce corn and flour tortillas daily using the best ingredients we can get along with employees with skills and years of experience in the tortilla business. 


While many people are still asleep we are busy making tortillas for everyone. Using the right equipment and having years of experience you can be sure you are buying the right tortillas.

Simple things are sometimes the


We start from scratch by mixing flour, salt, sugar, waters, oils, and other ingredients. Knowing ingredients and how they work gives the skill to produce any kind of tortilla the market needs.