Our products are made with the highest quality of ingredients. We bake our tortillas daily and ship them the same day, always working hard to make sure that we produce the best food we can make. We can also help in making a tortilla that fits your needs so give us a call or email.


Table corn tortillas- 6 inch tortillas corn tortillas (this is the most commonly used size corn tortilla).

Taco size corn tortlla- 4 inch corn tortillas

Gordita- These are Salvadorena style 6 inch corn tortillas which are 3 times thicker than our table corn tortillas.

Gorditas- These are Salvadorena style 4 inch corn tortillas


Corn tortilla chips/Totopos- These tortillas are 6 inches and can be left whole or cut into 4 and 6 even pieces on your request.

Tortillas Nixtamal- traditionally made corn tortillas (coming this fall 2012)


Tostadas de Maiz- Fried tortillas (Coming this fall 2012)


Flour tortillas- All sizes (coming this fall 2012)


Wheat tortillas- All sizes (coming this fall 2012)