The top picture is a picture of Jose Luis Chino's grandfather Agustin Chino Ramirez (the man without a sobrero) with Emiliano Zapata's brother Eufemio Zapata (middle dressed in black).


Cinco De Mayo Mexican Foods didn't just start in 1994 with a tortilla factory, it started many years before that with a mexican immgrant's dream. It was senior Jose Luis Chino's dream of coming to America to build a better life for himself. Senior Jose Luis Chino is from a pueblo called Chinantla found in the state of Puebla, Mexico. There he grew up, went to school, and met his wife/partner Paula (who is actually from Tierra Blanca Veracruz Mexico) together they would embark on a journey like no other from Mexico to America.


In 1978 Senior Jose Luis Chino opened his first small restaurant in his hometown of Chinantla with his wife Paula. This where they became very interested in the food buisness and started to learn what it takes to run a business.

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In 1980 Senior Jose Luis worked as a server in a restaurant called Angelo's that was located in Little Italy Manhattan NY. He worked there for manys years, so long that he became very fluent in Italian. He claims that this is where he learned the most on how to run a buisness and how to create great service by learning if he did not work hard he would not earn much money or be fired so he had to commit to his job.




Jose Chino became a taxi driver in NYC. As a taxi driver he met many people who asked him if he was Mexican and where they could find good mexican food. This sparked his interest into making a mexican restaurant.




Jose Luis Chino opened up his very own Mexican food truck called, North of the Border, in Manhattan Ny. He became one of the first to sell Mexican food around the area and had huge success; he would sell out by the end of the day.  




Jose Luis Chino and his family opened their very own Mexican Restaurant in Brooklyn NY called El Jarochito.



Knowing that there was a lack of good tortillas around senior Jose Luis Chino decide to open up his very own Mexican tortilla factory in Chelsea MA. His tortilla factory became the best around and began selling tortillas to many super markets and some of the best Mexican restaurants around.




The Cinco De Mayo tortilla factory has out grown two locations and now is moving back to the town where it all started Chelsea MA. This is a 24,000 sq.ft facility that has been design for his tortilla bakery process and where it can be located more easily than the one before.